A stand-up paddleboard (SUP) combines paddling with surfing. Even though it weighs only 28 Lbs, it is just as strong as a non-inflatable board once it is in the water and ready for use. The purchase will include the board itself, a pump, a collapsible paddle, and a backpack to help you carry it all. Inflatable: There are so many benefits to choosing an inflatable SUP board over a hard board.

As with all the inflatable boards I encountered, it was surprisingly simple and quick to deflate and pack away, even in the dark. Some serious SUP expeditions have been done on paddleboards, like the Inside Passage to Alaska and weeks-long journeys of remote northern rivers.

Atoll Board Company is a premier provider of inflatable stand up paddle boards, paddles, accessories, apparel and more at competitive prices. It is possible to store stand up paddle boards fully inflated, but if you can't see yourself using it much during winter months then it's best to deflate it while not in use.

Although you will be using a hand pump (if you have not invested in an electric pump), inflating this inflatable board will not give you much trouble. In addition, thin boards which are four inches thick are lighter in weight than thicker boards, making them lighter to move both on and off the water.

Stand up paddle boards have grown in popularity, due to their mix of fun and fitness, which is an appealing option for those who are looking for the best of both worlds. The Aqua Marina Monster is a lightweight inflatable paddleboard that you can carry everywhere.

SUP stands for stand up paddle boarding”, or stand up paddle board”. Material-wise, you'll see inflatable and polyethylene boards in this category since they need to handle bumps and rock impacts. Yes, Anaconda stocks a great range of paddleboards in various styles and designs, including top brands like Aqua marina, Bestway, and Seak among others.

Inflatable boards are the latest trend in the SUP world, as they make the sport even more accessible and affordable. If lack of storage space or a small vehicle has been holding you back from the paddle board experience, here's the portable alternative to bulky hard boards.

The fact that iSUPs are slightly larger than hard boards means that they can catch waves fairly easily - even small ones - so if you choose an inflatable board you might find yourself out on the water more regularly. Whether you're into fun little shore breaks or the pristine flat water of your favorite local lake or river, an inflatable paddle board helps you get there that much quicker.

You can check them onto an airplane generally inflatable stand up paddle board with no extra fees as they don't weigh very much, often less than 14kg bagged with pump. Racing or surfing on bigger waves is more effective with hard boards. They have developed an inflatable board that can hold its own against traditional hardboards.

Bigger guys would benefit from a board measuring six inches thick, such as the PEAK inflatable stand up paddle board. Last week, we received our new 2016 shipment of Aquaglide Cascade inflatable paddle boards consisting of three models ranging in size from 10 to 12 feet.

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